Aiphanes aculeata

(Burglar Palm)

A very heavily armed (long very sharp spines) solitary palm found through out South America from sea level to practically a mile high attaining, in habitat, heights to about 35 feet  though considerably shorter when planted in the gardens of south Florida.


When young it tends to need shade to filtered light but as it ages will accept partial shade to full sun..
It is a very attractive palm with dark green ruffled leaves that are a paler green on the underside and can be grown in containers ,even indoors (beware the spines they can indeed be dangerous).


The name “Burglar palm” which has been commonly attached to palms of this species is due to these spines, as when these palms are planted in darkened areas, places unsavory persons might lie in wait, or along fence lines they would act as a deterrent to burglars. Another common name is Macaw palm.


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