Arenga pinnatta

(Sugar Palm)

Often called the sugar palm for the sap in the trunk from which jellies, alcoholic beverages and sugar is made. The trunk can grow to 2 feet in diameter which is covered with long, stiff, black fibers and can reach 50 feet in height. In my experience I have found it to be much more beautiful when planted in multiples in the shade or filtered light however Paul Craft writes “the species tolerates various soils, full sun to partial shade”

He also mentions that the palm does not tolerate temperatures below 28 degrees (F) but usually re-leafs and survives from temperatures in the low 20’s. It loves water and grows rather quickly when planted in rich soils accompanied by lots of water. The unfortunate part of this sometimes lovely palm is that when its at the peak of its beauty and maturity it bears flowers and then over the course of a year dies.