Old Man Palm

(Cocothrinax crinita)

The “Old Man Palm” which is probably the most popular of the many common names for this palm is so named for the beardlike hair, made up of long light brown fibers that completely envelop the trunk. This hairy sometimes curly beardlike covering makes the trunk seem much larger in diameter than it really is. The hair , usually remains on unless planted in a very windy location where it could be blown or more or less eroded off. It needs full sun, a little more watering than your other Cocothrinax though it needs a well drained alkaline soil.


While seldom seen above 8 or 9 feet with the passage of eons of time it could attain 25 ft.
It seems to be more cold tolerant though less drought tolerant than most other Cocothrinax and it will thrive in zone ten and has been successfully grown in zone 9b.


The seeds are lavender when mature and for germination the seeds must be sown soon after harvest as delays will affect the rate of germination considerably.