Deckenia Nobilis


Deckenia nobilis, also known as the “millionaire’s salad palm” is native to the Seychelles Islands where it grows on steep slopes in altitudes of up to 2000 feet. It is a truly magnificent specimen and is said to have grown in Naples, Florida, even though it has been reported to be somewhat sensitive to cold.

Once past the seedling stage, it’s very fast growing and its requirements are high humidity, a moist but well drained humus laden soil, and full sun once past the seedling stage.
Juvenile trees are covered with golden spines on their trunks, petioles and crown shafts, but the spines disappear as the palm ages and are usually gone by the time the palm reaches 12 feet in height.


The harvesting of its growing point for salads has caused it to become endangered and given rise to nickname “millionaire’s salad palm.”